Teknikio Fabtronic Sewing Kit Reviews

Teknikio Fabtronic Sewing Kit Review and Specs

Type: Electronics Kit What’s in the Box: Cloth, Batteries, Sewing Ring, LEDs, Other Pieces, Guidebook …..
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Teknikio Sparking Sense Kit
Experiment with switches and circuit design with Teknikio’s Sparking Sense Kit. Guidebook comes with project tutorials to get you started – contains over 4 hours of learning and hands-on activities! Recommended for ages 8..
WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Switch, Battery, Diode, Resistor, Wires, Guidebook….

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Activate your paper sculptures with Teknikio’s Activating Origami Kit. You will learn how to make paper circuits that light up and move. Custom re-usable Teknikio parts make it easy to build on any paper sculpture. Guide includes origami folding patterns to get you started. Contains over 3 hours of learning and hands-on activities….

Squishy Circuits Kit Review and product specs

Squishy Circuits Kit
The Squishy Circuits Hardware Kit is the most convenient way to start with Squishy Circuits. Although many different components will work with Squishy Circuits, we have chosen components that are sure to work, and then we conveniently pack and ship them to your doorstep. We have already added wires and terminals as recommended by the Squishy Circuits program. If you bought your components from any other company you would have to do this.

Every Kit Includes
1 – Recipe Card

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